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2020 Colour Format Show         BIS Critique by David Killilea                 Critique Helen Seddon                                
2019 Championship Show         Critique by Jan Brooker  Dog                Critique by Mickey Ramsay
2019 Summer Open Show         Critique by Roger Cruden                     Critique by Shaun Creamer
2019 Colour Format Show         PHOTOS   Critique Jim Sneddon          Critique Donna Shadbolt
2018 Championship Show         Critique by Aubrey Cropley
2018 DOTY Open Show            Critique by Cathy Joel   
2018 Colour Format Show         BIS Critique by Joe Smith                      Critique by Corinna Hamer
2017 Championship Show         Critique by Ric Beall
2017 Limit Show                        Critique by Jan MacDonald
2017 Colour Format Show         BIS Critique by Geoff Duffield                Critique by Dave Simpson    Critique by Mick Gordon



2016 Championship Show          B.Critique By Alaine Flowers                 D.Critique by Pat Patch
2016 Limit Show                         Cririque by Bridgette Bodle                    Stakes Critique by Elaine Harrison
2016 Colour Format Show          Critique by Judge Allyson King
2015 Championship Show  
2015 DOTY Open Show     
2015 Colour Format Show
2014 Championship Show          Critique
2014 Members Limited Show      Critique
2014 Colour Format Show
2013 Championship Show
2013 Limited Show
2013 Colour Format Show
2012 Championship Show
2012 DOTY Open Show
2012 Colour Format Show
2011 Championship Show
2011 Limited Show
2011 Colour Format Show
2010 Championship Show
2010 Limited Show
2010 Colour Format Show
2009 Championship Show
2009 Limited Show
2009 Colour Format Show
2008 Championship Show
2008 Diamond Anniversary - Super Match
2008 Dane of the Year Show
2008 Puppy Event
2008 Colour Format Show
2007 Champ Show
2007 Limited Show
2007 Colour Format Show
2006 Champ Show
2006 Members Limited Show
2006 Colour Format Show
2005 Champ Show
2005 Members Limited Show
2005 Colour Format Show
2004 Champ Show
2004 Dane of the Year Show
2004 Colour Format Show
2003 Champ Show

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