Single Membership                                         £6.00 per annum

Joint Membership (both at same address)     £7.00 per annum

5 Years Single Membership                            £24

5 Years Joint Membership (same address)    £28

Additional Members (same address)             £0.50

Overseas Membership                                   £15.00 per annum

Single Life Membership                                 £90                                                                

Joint Life Membership (same address)          £100

Benefits of membership

This is now the largest club and probably the most active.  We run three shows each year and we are one of the sponsors of Dane of the Year.  The Colour Format Open Show is unique in the breed as each colour is judged separately. There are always special prizes to be won outright at these shows.

We run training courses for novice exhibitors and judges, as well as breed seminars and judge's assessments for those progressing to Championship level judging.

The Club Annual is unique in the breed and provides a record of the previous year's winners and events.  It carries photos and pedigrees of exhibitors dogs.  Published around Crufts time they retail at £6.50 but every primary member for the previous year receives a copy as part of their membership.


Please also inform us if you change address, to receive next years annual. Please be sure to update changed addresses / contact details to 

The 'Judging List' is updated and issued each year showing those Members who are progressing through the judges ranks.

To see your membership status please click HERE

Membership application forms can be downloaded in        


To pay by Standing Order,  for a form in MS Word format or         for a form in pdf format

NB.  In the interests of security the Club's Bank Account details have been omitted from the Standing Order Mandate form.  Please telephone Mrs Caroline Wareing, the Membership Secretary on 01242 696768 who will be pleased to help.

To subscribe/pay your membership online, please do so here. Please fill in all fields.  Membership runs from Jan 1st annualy

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