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The M&W of EGDC is committed to the education and development of those wishing to judge Great Danes be they breed specialists or all-rounders and encourage applicants to attend all relevant seminars. Forthcoming seminars will be posted on this website in the EVENTS section. It is now a policy of this club to select judges from the combined Great Dane Breed Council Judges List and we invite all those interested to apply. Please note the updated criteria.

APPLICATION  for the GDBC JUDGES LIST (click to view)   To download click here     GREAT DANE judges application.docx or GREAT DANE judges application.pdf

It is a requirement of all breed clubs (represented at the Great Dane Breed Council) that in order to be eligible for inclusion on the Club's B List (whether specialist or non-specialist) a judge must have attended a breed specific seminar and passed an assessment.  

All persons on 'A3', 'B' and 'C' Lists are required to fill in the Judging Application Form ANNUALLY, even if your status is the same - submitting ALL judging experience with accurate dates. This will be collated with any previous information, thereby giving an updated picture.

These forms are the only information to which the GDBC have access regarding your judging experience and activities, therefore IF THEY ARE NOT SENT IN, YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO BE CONSIDERED FOR UPGRADING.

Send all applications, whether new or for upgrading, to the Secretary of The Great Dane Breed Council Mrs O. Bates, Heyescroft, Northwich Road, Stanthorne, Middlewich. CW10 9JE EMAIL and should you wish to be included on the M&WofEGDC online Judges page, to Sandy

During these annual reviews the GDBC Committee may take it upon itself to remove any names which show CONSISTENT AVOIDABLE INACTIVITY in the Breed and/or FAILURE TO RETURN COMPLETED FORMS.

Successful applicants will be recommended to be added to the Great Dane Breed Councils Judges List


N.B.    Persons already on the ‘A1’ & ‘A2’ Lists are NOT required to fill in any further application forms.

To obtain a copy of this list please contact the Secretary of The Great Dane Breed Council Mrs O. Bates, Heyescroft, Northwich Road, Stanthorne, Middlewich. CW10 9JE EMAIL

On advice from the KC for all aspiring judges when filling in your CV updates or Judges application…. PLEASE BE AWARE



The Kennel Club reclassified the Great Dane from Stud Book Band E to Stud Book Band C.  Judges should be aware that, following this reclassification, a judge may only judge a maximum of 3 classes of the breed at Open shows unless they are included on a Great Dane breed club's B List.

For the M&Wof EGDC Judges List, showing past and future appointments, please click HERE

Club Judges List